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Cool Hand release (amended)


Embarrassing. I meant Saturday in the post below, but actually this is all a symptom of hurrying too much and that’s not good. I’ll post a final, final date soon. Sorry everyone.

Original post:

I said the 26th, but I need a couple more days.  Looking at Friday 28th now. Apologies again.

Just fine tuning in the final few chapters. Nothing major, but everything takes time. The book will have a temporary cover for the moment.

Cool Hand update

Just to reiterate what I scribbled in a comment on another post – I have reached the end of Cool Hand!

I’m reading back through it today and I have a short list of maybe-edits to think about.

Tomorrow the draft will go to Lauren. Unfortunately, I missed my slot with her (by some distance) and she’s currently working on something else. She says she thinks she should be able to do the final edits starting on Wednesday. The bulk of the book has been edited already, so this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

I’m currently estimating that the book will be on Amazon on the 26th February.

It is currently 59 chapters and 132k words long, so longer than SoH and a little shorter than HT.

Many threads get tied up. Some new ones get started. 🙂