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Progress on audio version of Hidden Trump

A very brief post.

I received the draft audio from Julia Motyka this weekend, and we’re really close. I’m in the process of reviewing. It’s 16 hours long – so, unfortunately, I’m losing a couple of writing days. What I can say is that this is pretty awesome. Julia’s ability to capture accents is phenomenal – there is the hint of Greek in Diana’s voice, the fussy French of Remy, the broad Texan of Ingram. Wonderful!

I should have completed the review by tomorrow and there are very small corrections to make. I hope the audiobook will be on Audible this month. I’ll put up a little sample soon.


Angel Stakes first quarter

The beta readers have the first quarter of BB5 in their inboxes now.

It grew a little, and is now 27,000 words.

The beta reader panel is Bernd, Kathleen, Charles, Jason, Jon, Ken, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Scottie, Sally, TK, Daniel, Natalie, Sharon, Leiah, John, Jan.

Now, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple or more. If you think you should be on the beta reader panel (or want to be), drop me an email at the standard contact email address – that’s mark followed by the AT symbol followed by

There’s no test or requirement for beta readers. I’m not looking for copyediting. I want to hear how it made you feel and obviously I want to know if you spot ‘logic bombs’ – things that can’t happen because of rules I wrote earlier, that sort of thing.


Hidden trump audio version

Assorted news…

Hidden Trump audio version is going through the final checks and should be up in a couple of weeks. I’ll have a 5 minute sample up here for you soon. And that begs a question: what 5 minute segment from Hidden Trump would you most like to hear? … Nothing with huge spoilers, so I guess it’s got to be early in the book. Any ideas?

The first quarter of Bite Back 5 – Angel Stakes – is about to go to the beta readers, but I’ll post separately about that.

The audio version of sleight of Hand just exceeded 700 sales! Obviously, the number in itself is not so much in comparison to ebook sales, but it is good progress.

AND… I have the first draft translation of Wild Card in German. Draft name is “Entfesselter Wandel”. I need to agree a schedule with the lady who does proof-reading.



May update. Late!

It’s June already!

The first quarter of Bite Back 5 is pretty solid. I’ll be contacting beta readers within the next fortnight to see if they’re game for the first installment…

The second quarter is well drafted, but it needs a lot of work to link the scenes together in a way that feels natural. The book is still looking to be approximately the length of SoH or HT.

I’m still not sure about the name. Angel Stakes? I’m rubbish with book names, and as ever, there are several threads in the story, so which should the title refer to?

I’m also rubbish at posting blogs at the moment. What with May’s scheduled road trip across Europe dragging a humungous trailer, the cough & cold to end all coughs and colds, and family distractions, it wasn’t a good month for writing. Writing progressed at the expense of blogging, which is the way round I guess you would want it.

Distractions… Jessica is due to be in Singapore at the end of the week, doing promotional work for Game of Thrones. My wife, Pearlyn, will be joining her out there to catch up with all her old friends again. Jessica then has a radio version of the legal drama, Silk, to do. Then, Florida Comicon in Tampa Bay. Then, Game of Thrones Season 6! Difficult to keep up with her sometimes.

I was going to go to Tampa Bay with her, but I’m too far behind on my schedule. I keep promising myself I will take a trip to the USA this year to connect with readers and do some more research on locations for Bite Back. Ideally, I’d mix that with a trip to Saigon for some research on Bian’s Tale, but that seems unlikely at the moment. Maybe after I’ve published this book…

I hope I’ll be able to blog a bit more this month.