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Happy New Year

2015 New Year

Thank you to all who’ve wished me a Happy Christmas and good New Year.

Cool Hand is coming slowly but surely, and I’m confident of a January release.

I’ll post my writing plans for the rest of the year as soon as I’ve got the draft with the editor.



Using Amazon’s ‘author follow’ feature

I emailed a reader recently about this feature, which should work for everyone, everywhere. I thought it would be useful to post it here.

You want to set up Amazon to email you when an author releases a new book. Well, has this feature. The image below shows my author page with the ‘follow’ button underneath my mugshot.

Amazon author follow Image1

This should work, even if you normally log onto the UK or German Amazon web site (they don’t currently have this feature on those sites). The reason it works is that all Amazon sites share your email address, and I believe they should email you whether or not you buy from the website.

Please try this (for any author) and report to me if it works. Of course, if you’ve sent me your email address or corresponded with me, I’ll email you my new releases anyway.



Happy Christmas

Amber wishes you a happy Christmas


und, naturlich, Frohe Weihnachten

Update for mid December


I have pressed the button on the audio version of Sleight of Hand!


ACX takes anything between 1 and 3 weeks to get it to market.


Kimberly has done an amazing job – it’s not till you listen that you realize how difficult scenes like the Sunday lunch and the visit to Rooks Hospital are.



Writing is going okay, but it’s all editing at the moment, so no forward movement in the percentage completion figures at the moment. Cool Hand will be there in January.

Sales are the usual December bleh.   Trumpf im Armel (German HT) is ticking along, and so is Wild Card.

I haven’t done a recommend for ages. This is an oddball…

  •  It’s written by a newbie writer who takes liberties with grammar…
  • The book is self-published…
  • The story is set in Denver…
  • It involves an ex-military PI…
  • The plot is multi-threaded…
  • The setting is gritty…
  • The hero is a hard case with a soft heart.

However, it’s about a guy called Sebastian Parks rather than Amber Farrell. The banter is very jock.

Author Kellen Burden‘s debut book Flash Bang is well done. Do *always* check the sample first – the style is ‘original’.





Aha! My daughter’s other 2014 acting secret has been leaked, so I’m allowed to tell you.

Next year, not only will you see Jessica in Game of Thrones Season 5, but in December, you’ll get to see her in the new Star Wars release!

She plays a kick-ass character and she really enjoyed the filming.

A Very Paranormal Holiday

Last blog post about the anthology and thank you for the many who’ve already requested their copies; the anthology will be sent to them on the 20th December.

The anthology comprises short stories from six Urban Fantasy authors –

 Connie Suttle

J.C. Mells

Susan Illene

Mark Henwick

Debra Dunbar

J.T. Bock

 path in the woods in winter

The anthology is free for those readers who email any one of the authors requesting it (you can also request in a comment on this post). The authors will then email you their future book release alerts. Your email will not be used in any other way and you will always be able to unsubscribe from future mailings.

Those who’ve signed up for my book releases but not the anthology will get an email with this offer before the 20th. They’ll need to respond requesting the anthology to receive it.

The anthology will be sent in Kindle format unless you specify that you require a different format. (If you want instructions on sending documents to your Kindle, just ask, it’s very simple)

My short story is The Biting Cold, set in the Athanate world, but with a different cast of characters.

Detroit in winter; a city in the grip of decay.
A legal system struggling to deliver justice, and a dying woman whose long-term memory has failed.
Psychiatrist Dr. Amanda Lloyd is focused on living long enough to give her expert testimony in court and put a vicious criminal away. The defense are fighting for a postponement she can’t allow, and questioning her memory problems in an effort to discredit her.
She can’t spare the time for the patient who claims to be a vampire.
Unless what he offers her is exactly what she needs…


Für meine Deutsche Leser…

View of Denver Colorado Skyline

Das zweite Buch der Baureihe Bite Back, Trumpf im Ärmel, wird morgen veröffentlicht werden.
Auch hier kann ich Ihnen versichern, ich es nicht übersetzen.
Ich hoffe, es gefällt euch.


‘Diese Woche würde man mich betrügen, das war klar.’

Amber Farrell, Privatdetektivin in Denver, findet sich langsam damit ab, zu den Paranormalen zu gehören, muss jedoch feststellen, dass es einige gefährliche Verantwortlichkeiten mit sich bringt. Nichts ist so wie es scheint, am wenigsten Amber selbst. Und um zu überleben, muss Sie Allianzen mit mächtigen Gruppen schließen, deren Interessen sich nicht decken. Sie weiß, dass sie entbehrlich ist und Betrug scheint unvermeidlich…

Die beiden gegensätzlichen Glaubensrichtungen der Athanate treffen sich in Denver. Nach hundert Jahren Frieden ist die Stimmung gereizt. Ein Krieg wäre eine Katastrophe für alle, Menschen und Paranormale, aber es ist Amber, der die Schuld für die Probleme im Vorfeld der Versammlung in die Schuhe geschoben wird.

Und es wird sehr persönlich…

Update schedule for Cool Hand

I promised an update on Cool Hand.

Well, the bad news is that I’ve had a poor week. My editor has pointed out problems in key scenes in the middle, and I’ve spent the week on them without being able to resolve them to my satisfaction. The book has to be right and these important chapters are not yet up to the quality I want.

This has an effect on the schedule. I’ll post again next weekend, but at the moment, I’m thinking the publication date is going to have to slip and that might be as far as January.

I’m very disappointed in myself. As Amber would say – no excuses. My apologies and I’ll keep you posted.


Monthly roundup – update on schedules

NEWS: Anthology, Cool Hand progress, Hidden Trump in Deutsch, Sleight of Hand in audio.

ANTHOLOGY – ‘A Very Paranormal Holiday’

The anthology is nearly ready.

path in the woods in winter

Six stories by Urban Fantasy authors with a sorta Christmas theme, including mine, The Biting Cold, which is set in the same Athanate world as Amber’s, but with a different cast.

Do lawyers wrap presents with ribbons at Christmas? What do vampires do under the mistletoe? Is Santa something evil in disguise? What does it means when demons get their rocks off? What happens if you meet your grandfather?

The answers to some of these questions lie in this book.

The only way you get the anthology is to send me an email request as many have done already. You’ll get a Kindle format file back by email when it’s released. Soon. If you want ePub format for iBook, just say. Apart from sending you this anthology, your email will only be used by the authors to give you an alert when we publish a new book. You can unsubscribe of course. Your email will not be sold or traded to anyone else, or used for anything other than the new publication alerts.


About 90% there. The first 75% has been through the main edit process. The first 50% has been seen by the beta reader panel. We’re close enough for me to step up the reporting, so I’ll try and remember to post something over the next couple of weekends as we get to the published version just before Christmas.

Beta reader panel was about 90% positive, and many of the points they brought up I will deal with.

This is not the cover. It’s just Amber (Maria) looking gorgeous as we got ready to do the photoshoot.

PhotoShoot Preparation 01


Das ist ‘Hidden Trump’ in Deutsch. Fertig für Weihnachten. Jetzt Endredaktion.

Nun, eine Frage. Was soll ich rufen WILD CARD in Deutsch? Nicht ‘Joker’, bitte.


The complete first pass audio is with me. I’ve spotted a few errors which need to go back and I need to hear it through one more time. I hope this will also be ready by Christmas!