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The future of the indie author interview…

…is in a Podcast.

The Bitter Without You crew, Patrick and Will, have created a new kind of author interview. They mix an indie author and musician into each episode and work a snippet or three of key information into both parts of the interview.  The interview is carried out by Skype (or landline) and the recording is mixed and produced within a couple of weeks or so. I was worried about how it would go right up until the time it started. Both of them are very laid back and easy going, so it really feels like a chat between friends.

The link to hear the podcast is:

The website, which includes archives is

Yes, this post means I’m back from Seville, where we had a wonderful time on the set of Game of Thrones. Post to follow when I catch up!



September end of month update

Apologies for missing the end of the month!

There’s little to add on sales and rankings at the moment. All the books continue to tick along, and whereas it’s wonderful to think of the dozen or so new readers a week picking up the series, obviously three dozen would be three times as wonderful. 🙂

There’s no new marketing going on either. All that is because I’ve been writing more. In a couple of weeks (approx) I will post a request for beta readers and they’ll get the first half of Cool Hand and a bunch of questions from me.

I’m going to have to take this next weekend off. I will be visiting the set of Game of Thrones in Spain and watching my daughter Jessica as Lady Nymeria. I doubt I’ll be able to take photos, but if I can, I’ll post them on the Facebook site.

My main writing effort is going on Cool Hand and the short story for the 6 author anthology which will be released at Christmas and only available via email requests. More details on that sometime over the next month.

Cool Hand schedule? Definitely by Christmas, hopefully late November, early December.