Archive | May 2014

Where is Mark?

I’ve gone quiet.
I’m working hard on Bian’s Tale, and the progress has slowed a lot. That’s mainly because I’m worried about getting the voice just right. Bian is not only female, but young, living in the 1890s and speaking French most of the time! It’s easier slipping into Amber’s head. 🙂
I’ll post soon, and I’ll probably give you the preface to Wild Card. Yes, the joy of indie means I can go back and change things. The Wild Card book itself remains the same, but I’ve had complaints about the lack of backstory, so the preface will be a summary of the story so far. I’ll do one for Hidden Trump as well. These aren’t really taking me away from writing the books, as it’s a different part of the brain.
I won’t update the numbers until the next end of month. There’s nothing exciting happening. Sales continue to jog along. The only newsworthy item is that Hidden Trump has now reached 72% of Sleight of Hand sales.
I’ll send the latest bits of Bian’s Tale to my beta readers before I put it up on the site, and I may be in a position to provide you with teasers for Cool Hand as well.