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Hi all

I have a report of an RSS feed problem. Is anyone else linked up to the blog by RSS reader and having multiple copies of articles turning up in their reader?



Late month end news

If I was my boss, I’d fire my lazy ass already.

I promised a teaser, and it’s not ready. I was away in the Netherlands last week, came back this week and just didn’t get back into the zone. The second part of Bian’s Tale has lots of writing completed, and the scenes are just about all there, but the timing and links between scenes aren’t right. It’s a similar situation with the first part of Bite Back 4, lots of scenes but not a story yet.

This is not an excuse, but part of the problem is the timing between scenes of the two series is very different. The Bite Back series is deliberately intended to be full-on, in your face, barely time to grab a breath. That’s why the action happens over such a short time in each book – it helps keep up the runaway train feeling. The Bian’s Tale series spans a century and a quarter, so the same technique will not work, even though there will be sections that are intense action.

So, what’s up on the sales and marketing front?

Raw Deal : 19,280     Sleight of Hand : 19,545

Hidden Trump : 13,936      Wild Card : 4,500 (yes, exactly).

Ticking along, but no particular changes, then. Wild Card is still selling very slowly, and I’m assuming that means that Amazon is still not promoting it to readers who’ve read SoH and HT (but I don’t know because they don’t talk about those sorts of things with authors).

I’ve experimented with raising and lowering the price of Raw Deal, because I’ve seen that recommended on some author’s blogs. I will try that with Wild Card, but my gut feeling is that sort of marketing works better for series openers rather than for book 3.

Amazon have also been fiddling around with the volume numbers for book series, saying that it will make it easier for readers to find books in a series, but Bite Back already had the numbers displayed clearly, and all they’ve managed so far is to mess the titles up.

I did see a spike in SoH when it got nominated for Book of the Month in a couple of the Urban Fantasy groups on GoodReads – again that’s for series openers.

I’m open to suggestions for how to raise awareness in existing readers that there’s a third book in the series! 🙂

To spruce things up for the whole series, I’m redoing the covers, adding Charles de Lint’s recommendation (see previous blog post) in the blurb, and I may offer the books in boxed sets as a special promotion (which might alert readers of SoH & HT that WC is available).

I will be asking professional narrators to read a sample from SoH, and may put those tests up on the blog for you guys to vote on. (I know, been promised and I’m late on this too). If we can agree a narrator, then I’ll do audible versions of all the books. I’d love Scarlett Johansson’s voice for the narration, but she’s out of my league. Anyone got any favorites?

The German translation of SoH is being copy-edited and formatted, and I expect I’ll have it up by the end of the month. I will be fascinated to see how it goes. I wanted to do a more ‘European’ cover for the German version. If any of my German readers are reading this, I’d be interested to hear what they think a good cover looks like for a German Urban Fantasy. Any favorites you’d care to mention?

I have a couple of blogs to put out this month – one about sex, and maybe one about advertising 🙂