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Next book (Wild Card) progress & sales update

Wild Card

Not October.

Bite Back book 3, Wild Card, is progressing, just much slower than I had hoped. I’ve given percentage finished figures before, and that seemed to work with Raw Deal. However, the point I’m at with Wild Card is difficult to quantify.

The first half of the book is written, and close to final – just one chapter to rewrite. That’s about 85k words in all, or roughly an average sized book. The second half is about half written – that’s to say I have written most of the major scenes and turning points and have sketched out a lot of the rest. It just needs ‘joining up’. However, that’s where I was with the first half of the book back when I said it would be ready in October. Then I found that joining up has become trickier as the story gets more complex.

So anyway, not October. Has to be before Christmas. Somewhere between. I’ll ask for your patience and keep posting progress.


Sleight of Hand has gone past 17,800 total sales, Hidden Trump 12,400, and the retention rate has now touched 70%. Raw Deal has just gone past 17,000. The big question on the RD numbers, which Amazon will not answer, is ‘how many of those are new readers?’.

German readers bought more SoH and HT than UK readers in September. And I cracked the Spanish market – 1 sale of each.

Amazon ranking is up and down. SoH and HT both averaged around 16,000 out of all ebooks in September. RD is averaging around 2000 out of all free ebooks for the last couple of weeks.