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New serial news…

What’s Up?

Getting the newsletter off today, I had to fill in some background on the Among the Stars books. It’s five years since ‘A Name Among the Stars’ was written! Some of you may remember that it was written here on WordPress, a chapter or two every weekend. And I often left you on a cliffhanger, because I’m mean like that.

Okay, so that may be the way I progress on my side projects, as I said earlier this year.

My number 1 priority is Bite Back 8, which is proving very difficult to progress. I have written a lot, but it doesn’t hang together yet.

My side projects will be split between Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy. I’ll be going back to writing a chapter or two at a time, rather than complete episodes as I have done up to now on The Long Way Home. These will appear here. I’ll also do ‘catch-ups’/’story so far’ on BookFunnel. All of that, but slower. I can’t put out the equivalent of a short story in a side project every month.

I’ll flit between one story and another.

First up…
Most of you will have read my Among the Stars series. There are only two books at the moment, ‘A Name Among the Stars’ and ‘A Threat Among the Stars’, both of which were written as serials. Book number 3, ‘A Ship Among the Stars’, will be next. It will have mutiple points of view, like book 2, and you can only get the first full episode in an anthology which is due out on Monday 19th.

The anthology is called The Expanding Universe #8, and my story in it is called ‘To Catch a Thief’.

“Stranded on an icy moon in the remote and lawless Frontier, merchanter Sam must sup with the devil to get her spaceship repaired, and she’s all out of long spoons.”

Here are the links

As in ‘A Threat Among the Stars’, the opening chapters are seen from alternate points of view, not the main character Zara’s PoV. In ‘To Catch a Thief’, you’ll meet Sam, solo merchanter and sometime conwoman, in a deadly dangerous situation. This is the serial I’ll be releasing a chapter at a time, starting next month. It will concentrate on Sam and will only make sense if you read the first episode from the anthology.

In the same way, although ‘To Catch a Thief’ stands alone, book 3 as a whole will only make sense if you’ve read books 1 and 2. If you haven’t read the Among the Stars series, and want to see if you’d like it, I’m dropping the price of ‘A Name Among the Stars’ to 99p this week only (19th-25th September).


Second up…
I’ll be producing book 4 for The Long Way Home in the same chapter by chapter format. For those of you that find this is torture, all I can say is that I’ll probably finish the book and release it well before the completion of the serial installments! If you want to read it in sections, sign up for the newsletter and watch out for the link to BookFunnel.

Book 4 should get Jan and Bjorn to Earth.

Third up…
I will return to Stand Up. It needs a thorough rework, and again will be released a chapter or so at a time. For those who didn’t catch the earlier version, this is an Athanate romance set in New York shortly after the events of ‘Change of Regime’. It’s stand alone, but it would undoubtedly help if you read ‘Change of Regime’ first.


What do I have in my to-do list?

Bite Back 8 & 9 (and possibly 10)
Bian’s Tale 2-6
Among the Stars 3 & 4
The Long Way Home 4, 5 & 6.

And a host of others! Some of the other projects I’ve mentioned before, like a Steampunk Fantasy set in South Africa, the dragon rider after the age of dragons has passed, the space marine recruit escaping ‘justice’ on her terrible homeworld, the monster that walks the Canadian highways, the college wizard just trying to get his degree, the rogue detective and the serial killer, an Amber novella of a daring rescue, Heartbeat (SF), Marionette (thriller set in France)…

What dictates the priorities?

Success, basically. A book in the Bite Back series is pretty much guaranteed to make twice what a book in the Among The Stars series makes. It’s too early to tell where The Long Way Home will come in overall. I can say the launch of books 1-3 was successful, without it being the sort of response that would change my priorities.

Other news

I’m having the Bite Back series translated into Spanish. I’ll report how that goes. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the Spanish-speaking market is growing, and I feel lucky.

Zara – A Name Among The Stars – SciFi Adv/Rom – Episode 23

Zara! Oh, my goodness, you’re just carrying on like this just to scare us. BUCKLE UP!

Good News… I have ‘finished’. Okay, not quite such good news, I have to go back and fill in bits and fix bits and correct bits and submit it to the demon editor.

Some of the fixes are small, but crop up in lots of places. For instance, name changes:

I always hated ‘Amethys‘ as a name for the planet. It is now Kernow.
Director ‘Rhom‘ is too close to ‘Rhos’. He’s now Director Zabo.
The ‘conspiracy’ needs a name, it is now the Hajnal political movement. (It means ‘Dawn’ in Hungarian)
Welarvon is actually Welarvor.

You may start to see these as we progress. They will definitely be in the final version.

I think the only way to fit to my originally proposed schedule is to publish on the 28th October. (That happens to be when the German version of Angel Stakes is published as well). That means it is very likely that the full editing job will not have been done, and there may be some embarassing grammatical or punctuation errors. Ah well. If this is the way we go, then we have this episode and *maybe* next Friday, but also maybe you open the episode on Friday 27th and it says ‘ha ha, go buy it on Amazon for $2.99’. In any event, the weekly episodes will stop and it will be available on Amazon (and Kobo, if I can get back in there).


+ + + + +

I have had to remove the episodes I posted here to fall into line with Amazon’s policies on Kindle Unlimited books.

The full novel is available on Amazon:




When I post stories on my blog, they will remain for at least a month after completion.


Zara – A Name Among The Stars – SciFi Adv/Rom – Episode 21

Episode 21! 5k more words.

The episode goes up a bit early today. I am being allowed out to go and see the new Bladerunner in London tonight. Woo hoo.

What’s to report? This last week, I put Bian’s Tale on hold to concentrate on Zara. The result is I’m well ahead on the writing now, two complete episodes in front and the draft to the end is forming well. I aim to get the complete first draft to my editor by the middle of the month.

The cover is progressing well, and Tiziana and I will discuss the palette today. I’ll show you as soon as I have the final.

The reaction from posting the first page of the story on Louise Wise’s blog was good, and there were more visitors. I haven’t had time to put the episodes on Wattpad and Radish at the moment (both websites set up for serialised novels). Never enough time!

Hope you enjoy it as we enter the final stretch for A Name Among The Stars. I think those calling for more Sci Fi elements will now feel they’re getting them!

As ever, comments, criticisms… all welcome, especially from the new readers…

+ + + + +


I have had to remove the episodes I posted here to fall into line with Amazon’s policies on Kindle Unlimited books.

The full novel is available on Amazon:




When I post stories on my blog, they will remain for at least a month after completion.

Zara – A Name Among The Stars – SciFi Adv/Rom – Episode 20

Okay…I’m finally getting ahead of the story. In order to do that I’ve actually had to put Bian’s Tale to one side. Read on for the strategy.

My plan is to finish writing the first draft of A Name Among The Stars in the next 2-3 weeks. The book will go off to the editor and I will keep releasing an episode (2-3 chapters) per week. Hopefully, Lauren and I will finish the polishing & editing at the same time that the cover is ready and the episodes reach a major cliffhanger. Then you’ll get the blackmail message: ‘to finish this book, you need to buy it’ 🙂 It’ll cost $2.99 initially.

Immediately A Name Among The Stars is out I will start releasing Bian’s Tale on the blog. This will be in much bigger episodes, and I hope to repeat the same process – get to a critical point at about 3/4 on the blog and then release the book. I’m aiming for that to be before Christmas.

While I’m finishing Bian’s Tale, I will also be working on Bite Back 6.

That’s the plan…

So, what sort of things are looking like they’ll be included in the polishing? Here are some examples:

Technical equipment names. For example, an infopad is a desktop or laptop, and a commspad is a smart cellphone equivalent, which has been referred to as ‘comms’ so far. There’s a mixture of comms or commset for military communications and commspad for civilians. Infopad and commspad both get shortened to pad.

The big conspiracy. I have to give this a name instead of talking about ‘the conspirators’ all the time – which feels clumsy.

Rhoswyn refers to Talan as ‘Sandy’, a play on her surname, Sandrey. It’s fine that Rhoswyn has a nickname for Talan, but I’ll probably change it to ‘Tally’ so readers don’t have to wonder who Sandy is.

One of the usual things that writers do when they polish a murder mystery is to work on the hints that point to the murderer. I seem to have got the clues past all the readers. They’re there. It’s not that they’re so subtle, I think it’s that I’ve successfully distracted you while dropping the hints. I hope anyway. There will be one massive, twisty red herring toward the end and then a twist with the reveal and explanation. (If you think you know who it is, please message me on the contact email, giving your reasons, and just say that you’ve done that in the comments below).

So this episode 20 sets up the crazy Sci Fi elements that will dominate the next episode 21, before we enter the section where the adventure thread start to explode – epsiodes 22 – 23.

As always – feedback, criticism, cheers or raspberries in the comments all welcome. There are readers out there I haven’t heard from yet… hint, hint  🙂

+ + + + + + +

I have had to remove the episodes I posted here to fall into line with Amazon’s policies on Kindle Unlimited books.

The full novel is available on Amazon:




When I post stories on my blog, they will remain for at least a month after completion.

Julius and Livia – two more scenes

A continuation of my weekend scribbling, taking the story of Father Julius and Livia in New York from the end of the last post

Work on Bian’s Tale was slow this week as I came down with a head cold. Should be back on track next week, but I also have the annotations for Angel Stakes to be translated into German, and the checking of the audio for Angels Stakes, which is due.

While suffering like a man from my cold, I did have some great ideas for scenes in Bite Back 6, which *might* be called Inner Game.

I also have had some messages asking what the hell is the ‘Afro-centric steampunk’ I mentioned recently, so I’ll give teasers from that as well.

Julius and Livia seem popular enough for a novella, but I’m not sure there’s enough from just them alone. I have a second thread which I sketched out when I was staying in Brooklyn last year, which might work. Stay tuned.

<< *** >>

Thank you for visiting one of the posts from Change in Regime. This novella is now available on Amazon, and to also make it available on Kindle Unlimited, I have to remove these posts from my blog.

Anyway, here is the cover copy and link:

Like an electric current, arcing from ear to ear through the New York underworld, the word comes; he’s here. The city has a new Master of vampires, House Altau, and the existing, unaffiliated community is now facing a sentence of death.

The storm builds, and one of the leaders of that community, Livia or Julius, must chose to be the lightning conductor to save the rest from destruction. But will that be an acceptable sacrifice to Altau?

And if so, which one of them will it be?


Update – what’s next – what’s up

Angel Stakes

The re-draft of Angel Stakes has fixed almost all the problems. There are a couple of scenes that need tweaking, some general grammar, pronunciation, British-ism removal etc. I’m reasonably sure that means no more than a couple of weeks before publication.

The offer of a teaser comprising the first 3 chapters is still open, just post a comment here or email the usual contact address.

So what’s up at the moment

I’m on Goodreads answering questions about Sleight of Hand specifically and the Bite Back series in general. Any questions you have? Bring them to Goodreads, please. I’d love to see you there. I’ll be offering a new free short story to anyone who posts on these discussions.

You’ll need to be a member of Goodreads, which is free of course, join at and you’ll also need to join the Urban Fantasy discussion group at

The two discussion threads are and

I’ve already fielded questions about how Athanate bite humans without infusing them, what hobbies I have in order to come up with all the crazy stuff, and how I can write a woman’s PoV book, but I’m sure there’s lots more to come.

If you haven’t already, do please post book reviews on Goodreads or Amazon. If you have, thank you, much appreciated!

What’s next

I’m working on a short story sequel to The Biting Cold, which will probably be called Winter’s Kiss. I’m restarting work on the first book of Bian’s Tale. I’m gathering threads and events that Bite Back book 6 has to deal with.

Angel Stakes first chapter

I’ve been asked to put a teaser up. This is the first chapter, which is a real teaser 🙂

It follows directly on from Cool Hand. I originally planned to write Cool Hand and Angel Stakes as one book, with the flight to LA being the mid-point, but only authors like GRR Martin can get away with huge books at such long intervals.

If you want more of a teaser, ask and I’ll email you the first 3 chapters. Be warned, Amber’s situation is not resolved in those chapters, so it would be just another cliffhanger.




Floating down the river of night toward the city of dreams…

Our Lady, Queen of Angels. Where the long dragon spine of San Gabriel sprawls over the trembling San Andreas Fault and four million people cluster in its shadow. Bad Feng Shui, the Chinese mutter, and spit to clear their luck.

Los Angeles. Where glittering streets of plenty cut like knives through the desperate barrios. Where gangs and cults, earthquakes and hill fires, riots and despair and madness, all simmer just beneath the surface, waiting, like the abiding desert, to erupt out through the drains and engulf the city.

LA. The laconic arrogance in the initials of the city that lives, full of myth, pulsing with tales. The city that feeds on dreams, leaving nothing but dust and nightmares. And we are such stuff as dreams are made. Or nightmares.

I knew I was on a plane, flying to Los Angeles, because Skylur had called us, and my oath bound me to him, as tightly as Diana or Bian were bound to him, or my House was bound to me. And I knew that I was teetering on the brink of insanity. That I’d been over the edge. That I’d gone rogue—become an unthinking, instinctive killer, consumed by rage and blood lust. And that I’d been brought back by my kin. Brought back as Were by Alex’s dominance. Brought back as Athanate by Jen’s Blood. And whatever part of me was Adept had been torn and stunned by grounding all the energy that the whole Taos community of Adepts had poured into a lock to hold Diana prisoner on that cold hillside up in Carson National Park. The energy that Kaothos, Tullah’s dragon spirit guide, had reversed somehow.

They’d told me the Athanate would drive my Were rogue, or the Were would drive the Athanate. That the Adept would drive them both rogue. It hadn’t happened like that.

You are none of the things they will think you are.

My great-grandmother, Speaks-to-Wolves, had said that to me in a vision, and she’d been right. My paranormal sides balanced each other. I’d escaped that nightmare, only to emerge into the same one—with a different face. The tide of darkness in my mind wasn’t caused by my competing paranormal instincts, but by the meddling of Colonel Petersen’s psychologists, as I’d lain defenseless in Obs after being bitten by rogue Athanate in the jungles of South America. I saw it as a storm in my head, sweeping in across the cold, high plains, threatening to obliterate me under towering clouds and cracking lightning. My body twitched and jerked with every electric strike.

My kin had saved me, but they hadn’t cured me. The darkness was returning.

And yet, it was as if there were two halves of me. A half that lay shaking and muttering feverishly on the floor between my worried kin, and a half that floated through the cool cabin, granted a clarity of vision that was painful. I’d bound my eukori tightly into my head so that the stain of my madness could not spread, but I was listening to Diana and Bian.

There was a crisis ahead. An opportunity and a danger twisted around each other like mating snakes.

We were going to LA, a place where you could toss away your old life like a bad hand and get a new deal. But also the place where the hollow-bellied god of fame lured dreamers to the great light, only to let it flicker and fade, leaving them blind and starless in the stone jungles, unable to tell truth from artifice. And still believing, still believing, as they offered the last things they had left. Their passion. Their health, heart, soul and youth. Finally, even their children. And the place where Basilikos and Panethus might end their shadowy battle, consuming each other utterly, that a new hope might rise from the ashes.

So close.

Floating down the river of night toward the city of dreams…


As they touched the cool, gray asphalt of Van Nuys airfield, the plane’s tires began screaming, and I went into convulsions.

An excerpt from Bite Back book 5

Very slight spoilers…

I generally feel with these quiet parts of the Bite Back books that I’m going overboard. Readers generally come back and tell me I’m not. Anyway, I’m going to try out a short section on this blog that hasn’t even been seen by the beta readers yet…

How in such a complex, structured society as the Athanate, could you win an argument? The issue under discussion is this: when the paranormal races reveal themselves to humans, should they agree to abide by human law, or should there be a separate law for them? A very intricate sort of problem and one on which a great deal hangs in the balance.

The Empire of Heaven (China and most of south-east Asia) stood aside from the first Athanate Assembly when it was invoked in the 1920s. The Empire of Heaven is the largest group after the two main creeds of the Assembly, Panethus and Basilikos. As the parameters of the new Assembly are being hammered out in book 5, the Empire arrives at the meeting, in the person of their Emperor’s own Diakon, Xun Huang. What side of the debate will he come down on?

This is a small part, a quiet interlude in the usual rush.

This is Huang’s speech to the Athanate. He may have been influenced by Maya Angelou (paraphrased here): “They may forget what you said but they will never forget what you made them feel.”


Huang walked to the center of the floor and stood still, waiting until the silence spread.

When he did speak, his voice was so quiet everyone had to lean forward to hear.

I didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t what came.

“I am old, even as we Athanate count it,” he said.

His words were slow and formal, with a rhythm that seemed to carry me along.

“Many, many years ago, I buried my father in an unmarked grave, beneath a solitary Linden tree on a south facing hillside, near a quiet river. In the heat of summer, the Linden’s leaves are thick and dark and green. They take the shape of hearts, and beneath their shade, the ground is always cool; the air always holds the scent of limes. As winter nears, those leaves turn and fall like a harvest of the richest gold, and make a crown to rest upon my father’s head.

Between the wars that tore our land, I would return there, and lie on that hillside. It eased my soul, and restored my strength in a time of great turmoil.

Then, beside my father, I buried my sons and my daughters, their youthful faces as yet half-formed, unblemished by age.”

Huang paused and looked up and down the ranks of Athanate, and we were silent. The whole auditorium had unconsciously synced their heartbeats with their neighbors’, until we were a creature with a single pulse, waiting, listening.

“No man should bear that sorrow,” Huang continued. “No woman either, and my wife joined them before the leaves had fallen again. I planted the trees that were their only marker.

From that moment,  I slept only when exhaustion took me, because on waking, for a moment it was as if I could turn and see my wife again, only for that dream to fade, and the nightmare of life to begin again.

When the Emperor found me, I sought death every day in the face of the enemy. What prize could he offer me, in my despair, that would make me want to become immortal? What reward to become Athanate, and know that sorrow for eternity?

He spoke to me; simple words, words he told me he first heard from the lips of the Kumemnon herself, her own words: This is the gift and the sorrow of the Athanate; to see your loves pass before you like the days of summer, while your heart still beats. To keep your vigil in the shadows, and rise again with every sun.

That part you all know. Many carve it above doors to their hidden sanctuaries, to remind them that as there is light, there must be darkness, and the world turns regardless.

But the Lamentation of Arunne goes on: To be bound upon the wheel of heaven; to toil and toil and never be done. To love without reserve forever, and rise again with every sun.

He paused, and in the depths of the auditorium the Athanate shivered as the words touched us.

Huang went on.

“That is what he said to me, and I bared my neck to him.

On that hillside now, beside the quiet river, there grows a forest, such that I may not find my family’s trees among those that mark my kin. I return there sometimes for a night. To sleep, to dream, and rise again with the sun.

The war took away my family, and my Emperor replaced it with duty. He offered me no soft consolation, no comforting lies. As one who passes from childhood must put away the easy refuges of youth, to become Athanate is to shoulder a greater destiny. And to achieve that, one may not live as a man or woman may live, under the strictures of their society.

The Athanate people must retain their own laws and customs.”




Game of Threads


A fan of the series, Gallandro, posted a list of questions as a comment underneath the recent Clippings post. This has been hugely useful to me to hear which threads a reader has at the ‘front of mind’.

I thought it would be better to make a separate post about the list to answer. It’s turned into a huge post, my apologies. But I’m delighted to field these questions and it keeps my mind straight on the world building!

Gallandro is in favor of some slower scenes which will allow me to wrap up (or move on) some of the many threads I have in the text. This is an important point. Once a thread is up and running, it usually needs a section of dialogue or exposition to move it forward. There’s nothing wrong with that, but my editor is not so keen on scenes that slow the story down unless they’re relevant to the arc of the novel where they occur. All of the threads which are unresolved are, by definition, arc threads rather than novel threads.

Now, many of these threads are significant to the plot of the series or the next book or two, so much of what I’m going to be saying is in the realm of ‘teaser’ rather than ‘spoiler’ for the books going forward.

1. Did Amber’s recent eukori mingling with her kin allow her to re-center on “good” feeding?

Yes, sort of, but that isn’t the end of the issue by a mile.

Even long established Panethus Athanate can slip, and it’s so easy to fall down that slope. Amber’s problem here is complex. What kind of Athanate infused her and how much influence will that have on how she turns out? She spent two years completely outside of Athanate supervision and fighting the infusion, will that have a positive or negative effect? She’s inadvertently fed on Jen’s fear and despair. (That wasn’t strictly a feeding, but close enough that a senior Adept, Ken Weaver, thought it was). Will that influence her? And Panethus Athanate behavior is all about control, while Were is all about instinct – the wolf enjoys being a predator. Will her Were side nudge her the wrong way?

And while the use of eukori heightens the sensations, and allows you to experience another’s emotions, it does not necessarily influence you positively. For instance, the worst of Basilikos use eukori to enjoy the fear and despair of their Blood slaves.

Lots more in Cool Hand.

2. Is Diana going to come back into the picture and help Amber soon?

Amber’s instinct (and the advice from Alice Emerson, Adept to the former Warders) is to trust only Diana to help with her finely balanced crusis and mental state. But Diana’s disappeared.

Cool Hand progresses this.

3. Will the Athanate nature continue to force Amber into relationships of both sexes or was it something particular to Jen that she focused on? I can’t imagine that it is easy to write in any more kin relationships but is this set in stone or will her changing nature continue to ask for more kin?

I could write a whole book on relationships and reasons!

The prevailing theory in Panethus is that an Athanate requires about three or four kin for a stable, healthy, long term relationship. That’s based on pure pragmatism. Kin benefit from the Athanate relationship with enormously improved health, but their bodies still need time to recover from providing Blood. Having four partners for an Athanate spreads the load. The theory also suggests that the kin group should be grown slowly, and the relationship between a Mentor and an Aspirant is designed partly to ensure this. The benefit of growing the kin group slowly comes when one of them eventually dies, the others are alive and able to provide support to their surviving kin and their Athanate.

However… Amber can barely get her head around Jen and Alex being kin. She’s certainly not looking for any more. (And yes, there are underlying reasons for the attractions and the speed of them, both Alex and Jen).

On the general point… gender is irrelevant to the process of providing Blood, and yet hugely relevant to Aspirants because of the pleasure involved. With everything else going on during crusis, Mentors do not want Aspirants stressing about how their sexuality might be affected by becoming Athanate. A good Mentor will not challenge an Aspirant’s sexuality during crusis. And yet, as Athanate develop, they begin to feel a sense of isolation and dislocation from human society and mores, and they begin to feel more identification with Athanate society, where gender is largely irrelevant. There’s no sense that Athanate are forced into relationships with both sexes, and no particular pattern to how they end up, other than older Athanate from Western societies are more likely to have kin-couples of mixed sex. This is partly because those couples would have looked more ordinary to the human society they lived in, and partly because new kin would usually have felt more comfortable in this configuration.

Now Amber is unusual in all sorts of ways. She’s short-circuited the main crusis process and as of the end of Wild Card she would be termed ‘anomalous late crusis’. Athanate theory is that Alex can’t provide Blood for Amber, so she really only has Jen when the Blood thirst hits (in Cool Hand). However, she’s also House Farrell, which nominally entitles her to the Blood of any kin within her House. She’s specifically asked Pia to create a Charter for the House which removes that entitlement, but…

Could she get enough emotional sustenance from Alex and Jen, and enough Blood from Jen and the rest of her House? We will have to wait and see…

4. Melissa’s death has yet to really be dealt with. How will it affect everyone? Will we ever know just how Dr. Nobel lured her out and did he imitate someone to frame them in any way? Will the pack need to make any recompense to Amber for her loss?

Melissa was part of House Farrell, though not anyone’s kin and not bitten. The whole House feels her loss. All witnesses to the way Noble lured her out of the house are dead, but we can assume he took the form of Morales. He would not have been able to be convincing up close, but enough to get her out onto the street.

Despite Amber’s adoption of Melissa, Altau would not formally have regarded Melissa as part of House Farrell. It hasn’t occurred to Amber to take it up with the pack. She doesn’t feel it’s explicitly their fault or responsibility. She’s actually more down on herself for not being quicker to solve the case or put in safeguards that would have prevented this.

5. Just what did Tullah’s parents do when Amber ran over there? Was her breakdown helpful/harmful to Hana (wolf spirit guide)? It seems Hana is her Adept spirit guide but then what are Tara and Speaks-to-Wolves?

It was Kaothos who acted, and what she did was actually render Amber unconscious. In the short term, this feels as beneficial as sleep. In the long term, what Amber’s missing out on is the mental activity of sleep. This is where the brain internalizes the events of the day, and also, for Athanate, the progression of becoming Athanate. More in Cool Hand.

Knocking Amber out doesn’t harm Hana, but the channeling of the immense amount of energy to blow up the factory at Longmont certainly did.

Tara and Speaks-to-Wolves are spirits. Or are they? Keep tuned.

6. Is Amber still in good standing with the Denver PD? Will Ops 4-10 be released from military service? How many Nagas remain after the Denver operation and did they all bug out for Matlal/Baliskos? Was Peterson captured and will the superior officer be identified? Was the 4-10 group able to save any documents and will they release these to the FBI or keep them themselves?

Morales is currently on Amber’s side. However, the Captain’s good standing is looking shakier as he seems unable to control the outbreaks of lethal ‘gang violence’ (Mykayla’s apartment, Longmont, Cherry Creek etc. etc.) that have erupted in the city…

The army has disbanded both the Ops 4 groups and the associated Obs team.

Ops 4-10 and Ops 4-16 (the Nagas) were both ‘short’ battalions, of about 500 people each. The majority of the Nagas survive and have left the country. There are warrants for the arrest of many of them and that will increase as the case unfolds.

Remember Noble left a dead-man’s switch of documents with a lawyer exposing what he knew of the Nagas. Between that and the documents that Colonel Laine provides, the operational levels of the Nagas will be exposed.

There is an arrest warrant for Petersen, but he was not captured. The ultimate head of the Nagas within the DoD has not been uncovered.

There are no legal proceedings against the former Ops 4-10 troops. More in Cool Hand.

7. The former Matlal vamps and toru are still in the city but were seen speaking to Gray? Will that be a problem and just how much longer will House Farrell have before she either needs to produce them or kill them?

Cool Hand. Yes, it’s a problem. 🙂

8. I don’t think Amber got back in contact with her Mom was she aware of the allegations of her being crazy?

In Cool Hand. At the end of Wild Card, Stacy was informed that Kath had Amber committed for her own good, but had no idea what that entailed.

9. Did Amber’s sister Kath successfully get her declared mentally incompetent and will that spell trouble for her business/life?

Yes and no. Nothing Kath managed to do has a lasting effect on Amber’s business. The declaration, without Noble’s presence to confirm it, will be thrown out by Jen’s lawyers. The committal to the ‘Max’, the maximum security mental hospital, was in a false name, so there’s nothing to concern us there.

The ongoing effect of Kath’s behavior on Amber’s life…wait and see.

10. Will Amber ever have time to meet with Pia and David to work on Athanate skills and review the House rules/duties?

Pia has been compiling a House Charter and a document which Amber thinks of as “How to be an Athanate 101”, and Amber’s been reading it when she can. She knows quite a lot, but it’s book knowledge, without context. When Pia writes something like “When meeting, Athanate from different associated Houses might as a courtesy offer the Blood of their kin”, you can imagine Amber has more questions.

Amber is going to continue to make mistakes and challenge rules in the whole paranormal community. I am getting some feedback from one beta reader that there’s got to be a limit to the perpetual mistakes, despite how convenient it is for writing purposes. 🙂

11. Now that Amber has become a wolf and felt the pack call is there anything else she needs to know about being a were?

Lots. She’s only grasped the core of how the Were and the Athanate work.

12. What happened with the charm bracelet that Tullah had given Amber back in the earlier books and is its design similarities to the necklace significant?

Amber still wears the bracelet, and as hinted, the working is sort of integrating with her senses. She’s more alert (when she’s not asleep on her feet) to threats. She doesn’t particularly trust the bracelet for the sort of reasons she’s mentioned in the text.

Adepts’ ‘workings’ and ‘the energy’ are topics which will be explored much more in Cool Hand.

There are similarities between the bracelet and the necklace (the one purported to have been used by Speaks-to-Wolves in rituals that helped the Were change). Both are more from the shamanic side of Adept capabilities, and visually they are both Arapaho bead jewelry. How they do what they do, and what they do… Cool Hand.

13. Did Olivia’s marque change and will that help her with her first shift at all, like the change in David’s marque allowed him better control of his Athanate side?

David received a massive infusion of Amber’s Blood which abruptly changed his marque curtailed his crusis. I’m not sure, in the short term, it could have been said to allow him better control. In the longer term, he is certainly a well-adjusted Athanate. David and Pia’s marque however, is Amber’s from before she started to become an Athanate-Were hybrid. None of them have any idea how David will react when he and Amber exchange Blood now, and his marque moves to match hers. Will he go through another sort of crusis and become a hybrid like Amber? Skylur and Diana are very old, established Athanate, and their marque will not change from exchanging Blood with Amber. Pia and Bian are a bit in between. They’ve both been Athanate for 100 years and have some control over their marque. Bian will be able to remain Altau should she chose to do so. Pia will want her marque to change to exactly match Amber, but does that mean she’ll become hybrid? Alex is a dominant Were, but will he become hybrid if Amber bites him?

Olivia hasn’t been bitten. Her marque is drifting toward Amber’s. Would it help her werewolf change if Amber bit her? Would she want that?

Cool Hand takes some of these forward. Some of them more than others.

14.The question of Dragon Spirit guides to the Chinese obviously caused a stir but will Skylur pursue questioning of Amber over this issue? The Altau Adepts seemed also interested in this development will they be an issue?

The Empire of Heaven (which includes China) are more than just a little stirred up by Amber’s question. Skylur would like to come and find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, Altau’s position is precarious. Skylur’s formally expanded his domain to include USA and Canada, and has implied obliquely that he will claim Mexico as well. He hasn’t got the numbers of Athanate to secure that size of territory. Skylur’s position as head of Panethus and the Assembly will be hugely damaged if Basilikos can prove he can’t hold his domain, so guess what they’re trying?

Skylur wants a conversation with the Empire of Heaven that will, at the least, create an association between Panethus and the Empire. It is urgent and important, but he has to hold his domain first. In the longer term, given how difficult it is to start any meaningful dialogue with the Empire, he is (sort of) delighted to have an opening topic that the Empire wants to talk to him about.

This is background in Cool Hand and the foreground in book 5, and probably 6 as well.

The Altau Adepts are Alice Emerson and her colleague, former Adepts to the Warders, who appeared first in Hidden Trump at the Assembly. Alice is certainly committed to her new House, Altau. She’s aware of how wrong things can go if the Kaothos situation is mishandled.

15. What happened to the Warder organization in the US? Did the show of the secret brain-washing have any other effects on the security issues? Is this an Athanate ability or something cooked up in conjunction with the Naga’s and similar to the experiments done on Amber.

The Warder organization was effectively disbanded by Skylur. Unfortunately, that puts the basis of the Assembly at risk…

Brainwashing and compulsions. Both the Athanate, who call it compulsion, and the DoD, who call it Neurological Programming, have separately researched these topics. Athanate capabilities vary from House to House, and Vega Martine (Matlal’s former Diakon) has an ability which is exceptional.