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Newsletter changes

Hello all. I’ve been running a monthly newsletter, which has been a vehicle for my serial novels in The Long Way Home series.

Things are going to change a bit…

The Long Way Home has been the mainstay of the newsletter, and was always designed as a serial novel, to progress episode by episode, month by month. However, the level of engagement has dropped off in the last four or five months. I hope that hasn’t been because of any reduction in quality, but what other reasons does that leave? My current theory is that it’s a combination: the story itself is too long for the format, the intervals are too long between episodes, the alternatives too appealing (by which I mean ‘wait six months and get six episodes as a self-contained book’), and the BookFunnel process (email checking / redirecting to Kindle) is irritating.

So what instead? I cannot write full episodes of the current length and put them out on a weekly basis. I used to write a chapter or two every weekend and put those here, on the WordPress blog site, where I got a lot of response. On that basis I am proposing that the newsletter will usually direct subscribers here to read one or two chapters of whatever the current project is. Every so often, these chapters will be assembled into an episode of some kind, and there will be a catch-up that can be downloaded from BookFunnel. At a much later stage, these will be converted into a book and put up on Amazon.

What about The Long Way Home? The story will continue, but it will contend with other projects…

And what will these projects be?

Essentially‚Ķ whatever gets the best response gets the effort to progress. So initially, there may be a few opening chapters or story teasers and I see what gets a reaction. I’m thinking that Bite Back 8 may well be one of those projects. So will a re-written Stand Up. Some of the other projects I’ve mentioned before, like a Steampunk Fantasy set in South Africa, the dragon rider after the age of dragons has passed, the space marine recruit escaping ‘justice’ on her terrible homeworld, the monster that walks the Canadian highways, A War Among the Stars (book 3 of Among the Stars), the college wizard just trying to get his degree, the rogue detective and the serial killer, an Amber novella of a daring rescue, Heartbeat (SF), The Words of the Dead (book 2 of Bian’s Tale), Marionette (thriller set in France)‚Ķ I’m not short of ideas, people.

How do you see this? Will you enjoy getting mini-episodes (couple of chapters basically) more frequently here on WordPress? Please comment on this post with anything you think is relevant…