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I promised a quick update on how it’s going. It’s going well!

In the USA, at the time of writing (Saturday 3rd November), Sleight of Hand was ranked at 1251 in all Kindle books on, and 26th in all Contemporary Fantasy (there is no specific ‘Urban Fantasy’ category on Amazon). There are 16 reviews, all of them 4 or 5 stars.

(Huge thanks to those reviewers, and to those people who’ve sent emails through the contact form with positive messages. I hope I can exceed your expectations.)

The UK rating was even better, but is much more volatile, with the ranking on Kindle Contemporary Fantasy, for example, bouncing between 17th and 40th over the last week.

I’ve sold over 2000 copies, and the daily rate is around 80.

That’s almost all eBooks, but the paperback is also now available. Costs of printing being what they are, I expect eBooks will always dominate.

The fun bit (here come the statistics), is that in 12 days out of the last fortnight, the daily sales have exceeded the average of the previous week by 10% or more. So the daily sales are increasing at a very healthy rate.

Does this allow me to make predictions with better accuracy? No.

That doesn’t stop me predicting though.

Prediction 1: The sales will reach 4000 in November.

December and January are traditionally good sales months, obviously. However, Kindle books can’t be gifted at the moment, so this boost might apply less directly to my major eBook sales driver. However, Kindles will likely be Christmas presents and there should be an upturn in purchases because of that. So…

Prediction 2: I’m going to take a shot and say that I’ll reach my first milestone at the end of January – 10,000 books. That’ll be the date of my next major update on numbers. In the interim, I will be releasing the second book in the series, Hidden Trump, in December, probably in the first week, so the January update will have two books to report, and some interesting analysis on how much the release of the second book changed the shape of the curve for the first book.

Prediction 3: I’ll hit my second milestone, 20,000 book sales for Sleight of Hand , in the first year of sales – so, by end July 2013. This is the magic number given to me by an agent as ‘a worthwhile book’.

Prediction 4: I’m going to be very busy writing book 3 in the Bite Back series.