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Hidden Trump audiobook


It’s up on Audible. It’ll appear on Amazon and iTunes in a few days.



Where did August go?



Just ambling along. Nothing exciting to report apart from The Biting Cold, which I’ve handled in Marketing.


The Biting Cold was a surprise. The story had already been published in the anthology last Christmas and many (?most) of you have that already. But what the hell. So I cobbled together a cover with Jessica and Joshua, got you guys to vote on it, put a chapter of Sleight of Hand at the end and…

Well, hold on now, do I just sell it like the others, or do I give the Kindle Unlimited (KU) option another go?

Raw Deal has been on KU for a while and it’s been…unexciting.

I put TBC straight into KU and I was impressed by the number of KU readers it got. I can’t tell you how many, but the number of pages read (which is what Amazon pays me on) peaked at 3,500 a day. I think that means about 25 people read it on that day, at the same time as another 40 people bought the book. That happened two weekends running, and there’s a total of 29,000 pages of TBC read in KU in the three weeks since release, just in the USA.

Okay, so that’s not going to deluge the bank account. I’d be surprised if I make much more than $300 in the month. 🙂

But, given it was just a short story, it impressed me enough that I removed SoH from Kobo (Amazon require exclusivity if you go on the KU program).  The two existing German translations, Die Verborgene Hand and Trumpf im Armel, are exclusive to Amazon anyway, so I put them on KU as well. This is a 90 day test.

SoH hasn’t responded. There have only been a couple of readers through KU.

The German readers, however, have rocked. It’s too early to tell how much, but I’ll update you next month.

Other marketing? I’m also on twitter. I’ve no idea what I’m doing there. No one seems to engage much.

New Releases

I am *still* waiting for ACX/Audible to finish ‘preparing’ the Hidden Trump audiobook.

Julia finished narrating around the 10th July. She needed the payment to go through ACX/Audible for guild and tax reasons. We asked ACX how to achieve that, given their website only envisages sending a bank check from an American account. Parochial or what?

We finally got a response on the 27th July, giving us the details of an account to which I could send an electronic transfer. The account details provided to me were wrong!

On the 29th I had to re-send the money. (I’ve requested that the paymaster cover my costs of $80 levied by the banks for sending it to the wrong account. He’s ducking).

Around 5th August, the ACX paymaster ‘posted a check’ to Julia.

On the 17th August, Julia got the check and updated the appropriate status in ACX.

The book status changed: “Now ACX will put the audiobook through a quick final quality control process.”

Quick. Ha!

On the 26th August, the book status changed to “Preparing audiobook for Amazon, Audible and iTunes”.

Where it remains. Sigh.

Wild Card (Entfesselter Wandel) has gone through preliminary translation into German by Peter, and is sitting on Heike’s desk waiting for her to do proofreading and layout. She’s reserved a slot, but not till the end of October.

Writing Progress

The beta readers are about to receive the 3rd section of Angel Stakes, which I originally said took it to the midpoint. Okay, it’s not the midpoint. It’s somewhere between 2/3 and ¾ of the way through the book.

There are reasons for this estimating error on my part.

  1. I’m not good at estimating.
  2. With a book that has multiple themes, which ‘mid-point’ do I chose?
  3. I’m very bad at estimating.

It’s proceeding okay. As I go through editing, I’ll be looking for a few other short non-spoiler sections to release as teasers.












Progress on audio version of Hidden Trump

A very brief post.

I received the draft audio from Julia Motyka this weekend, and we’re really close. I’m in the process of reviewing. It’s 16 hours long – so, unfortunately, I’m losing a couple of writing days. What I can say is that this is pretty awesome. Julia’s ability to capture accents is phenomenal – there is the hint of Greek in Diana’s voice, the fussy French of Remy, the broad Texan of Ingram. Wonderful!

I should have completed the review by tomorrow and there are very small corrections to make. I hope the audiobook will be on Audible this month. I’ll put up a little sample soon.


Hidden trump audio version

Assorted news…

Hidden Trump audio version is going through the final checks and should be up in a couple of weeks. I’ll have a 5 minute sample up here for you soon. And that begs a question: what 5 minute segment from Hidden Trump would you most like to hear? … Nothing with huge spoilers, so I guess it’s got to be early in the book. Any ideas?

The first quarter of Bite Back 5 – Angel Stakes – is about to go to the beta readers, but I’ll post separately about that.

The audio version of sleight of Hand just exceeded 700 sales! Obviously, the number in itself is not so much in comparison to ebook sales, but it is good progress.

AND… I have the first draft translation of Wild Card in German. Draft name is “Entfesselter Wandel”. I need to agree a schedule with the lady who does proof-reading.



Hidden Trump audio version

I was hoping to post news of the release in the next few weeks.

However, I’m afraid the project has received a setback. I just received an email from Kimberly Henrie, the narrator, who was scheduled to be most of the way through production by now. Unfortunately, she’s had to withdraw for personal reasons.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a blow. I am back to searching for narrators who capture that elusive Amber quality.

I cannot make a prediction about the delivery at the present and I apologise for the delays. Any developments will be posted here.

Monthly roundup – update on schedules

NEWS: Anthology, Cool Hand progress, Hidden Trump in Deutsch, Sleight of Hand in audio.

ANTHOLOGY – ‘A Very Paranormal Holiday’

The anthology is nearly ready.

path in the woods in winter

Six stories by Urban Fantasy authors with a sorta Christmas theme, including mine, The Biting Cold, which is set in the same Athanate world as Amber’s, but with a different cast.

Do lawyers wrap presents with ribbons at Christmas? What do vampires do under the mistletoe? Is Santa something evil in disguise? What does it means when demons get their rocks off? What happens if you meet your grandfather?

The answers to some of these questions lie in this book.

The only way you get the anthology is to send me an email request as many have done already. You’ll get a Kindle format file back by email when it’s released. Soon. If you want ePub format for iBook, just say. Apart from sending you this anthology, your email will only be used by the authors to give you an alert when we publish a new book. You can unsubscribe of course. Your email will not be sold or traded to anyone else, or used for anything other than the new publication alerts.


About 90% there. The first 75% has been through the main edit process. The first 50% has been seen by the beta reader panel. We’re close enough for me to step up the reporting, so I’ll try and remember to post something over the next couple of weekends as we get to the published version just before Christmas.

Beta reader panel was about 90% positive, and many of the points they brought up I will deal with.

This is not the cover. It’s just Amber (Maria) looking gorgeous as we got ready to do the photoshoot.

PhotoShoot Preparation 01


Das ist ‘Hidden Trump’ in Deutsch. Fertig für Weihnachten. Jetzt Endredaktion.

Nun, eine Frage. Was soll ich rufen WILD CARD in Deutsch? Nicht ‘Joker’, bitte.


The complete first pass audio is with me. I’ve spotted a few errors which need to go back and I need to hear it through one more time. I hope this will also be ready by Christmas!