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Angel Stakes first quarter

The beta readers have the first quarter of BB5 in their inboxes now.

It grew a little, and is now 27,000 words.

The beta reader panel is Bernd, Kathleen, Charles, Jason, Jon, Ken, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Scottie, Sally, TK, Daniel, Natalie, Sharon, Leiah, John, Jan.

Now, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple or more. If you think you should be on the beta reader panel (or want to be), drop me an email at the standard contact email address – that’s mark followed by the AT symbol followed by athanate.com

There’s no test or requirement for beta readers. I’m not looking for copyediting. I want to hear how it made you feel and obviously I want to know if you spot ‘logic bombs’ – things that can’t happen because of rules I wrote earlier, that sort of thing.