Bian’s Tale – Darkness Falls – fourth part

Here is the eleventh episode of Bian’s Tale; the fourth part of Section 5 – ‘Darkness Falls’. (There are only a couple of chapters left of this section, but this seemed a good break point).

The impression I was trying to build of Qingzhao was uncertainty. Up to this section Bian is not sure Qingzhao likes her & the woman is hard to read. We’ll see.

Bian’s been rescued from her attackers in Cholon, but she must go on, back to Saigon, and persuade Riossi to find Nhung, whatever the cost to her…

Feedback folks. 🙂

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This episode from Bian’s Tale 1 – The Harvest of Lies has been removed.
The book will be available shortly on Amazon.



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6 responses to “Bian’s Tale – Darkness Falls – fourth part”

  1. Wendy says :

    Here is the start of the Bian I know and love. How satisfying for her (and us) to hear her starting to work toward taking back what is hers. Not cowering and despite her confusion about other things, she is standing up for herself! I wanted to cheer.

    One question – do you want editing comments? I edit for a living so I noticed a few things. I am sure you have editors, so wasn’t sure if you wanted feedback on that.

    I love seeing Bian emerge and it’s all the more satisfying to know her background, as Bian in the early days and then Opheile, and now back to the true Bian. Love her – absolutely my favorite character of all the books. 🙂

    • Mark Henwick says :

      Thank you, and oh, yes please, on editing. My editor is now nearly full-time as a writer, and so I’m contemplating the worrying possibility that I may have to release this before she has time to do the final pass editing.

      It’s a very hard line to walk between the emerging Bian and the restrictions & expectations of 1890s French society in Saigon. 🙂

  2. amper5andrew says :

    You’re right that’s a good place to stop 🙂

    That’s starting to come together nicely for her and yet it’s all still falling apart at the seams. Riossi is and always was a mistake. Monsieur Song is the way out of this mess. I’m starting to think he may be athanate, is this how she finds her way there? hard to say at this point. I’m really liking the way she’s standing up to the racist scumbags.

  3. Justin Savely says :

    there is snark we know and love. The lethargic/pounding headache comes through exemplary. She needs to drank more water.

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