Bian’s Tale – Unravelling – second half

Here is the seventh episode of Bian’s Tale; the second half of Section 4 – ‘Unravelling’.

One by one, the pillars of Bian’s life are taken away.

A short episode.

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This episode from Bian’s Tale 1 – The Harvest of Lies has been removed.
The book will be available shortly on Amazon.



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About Mark Henwick

I was born in Africa and left out in the sun too often. An early interest in philosophy and psychology was adequately exorcised by tending bars. And while trying to enroll in a class to read Science Fiction full time, I ended up taking an engineering degree which splendidly qualified me to move into marketing. That in turn spawned a late onset career in creative writing. When not working, I get high by the slightly less conventional means of a small light aircraft. My first books are available on Amazon at

12 responses to “Bian’s Tale – Unravelling – second half”

  1. Dee DenBleyker says :

    It’s good Mark….really, really good!

  2. amper5andrew says :

    HI Mark

    circumstances prevented me reading the last two installments, but I’ve finally caught up. I am enjoying it. You’re portraying the powerlessness and misery really well. I await the arrival of kick arse Bian with interest.

  3. Pat Olver says :

    So, so sad …

  4. Justin Savely says :

    (…grow up to be fearless) these seem like some haunting last words.

  5. Michael Orton says :

    So far this is leaving me feeling like this is a book I’d borrow from a library to read once, rather than something I want to own and read many times.

    It is good to know how Bian gained her complex perspective on life, and probably a good think to think about the impact Europeans have had in the countries they controlled in Asia, At least it seems the French were certainly no better than the English, and perhaps a tad worse?

    But then I would say that, wouldn’t I?

    Still, I suspect we will reach the true divergence between our history and the alternate world of the author quite soon and hopefully things will get more interesting.

    • Mark Henwick says :

      I started writing expecting readers to read my books once. The number that have told me they read my books multiple times is a huge personal boost, but it’s not obligatory! 🙂

      An arc for a series is essentially the same as an arc for a book, and the first section of a classical arc structure sets scenes and backgrounds to provide the world in which the hopefully exciting things happen before the end is reached. Sometimes, the slower the build, the better the payoff.

      This is the most difficult book I’ve written, but I do feel it’s just getting there now.

      The French vs the English? Colonialism in general? Much more complex than I want to deal with in a simple post. I would make a couple of points –
      No one now disputes the benefits of the Roman empire, but views at the point of the legion’s spears might have been very different.
      The French, at their worst, were bad colonial masters, as all colonial countries were, at their worst. I’m personally fascinated that their approach in different colonies seems so different, where Britain seemed more uniform.

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