Zara – A Name Among The Stars – SciFi Adv/Rom – Episode 18

No! Zara! Don’t do it!

Sigh. They never listen to me, these characters!

Episode 18, and the heat is rising.

Feedback folks. Some of you suspect I change the story if you guess what’s going on. A vile slander! Anyway, it’s too late to change things now, we’re on the final plummet.


I have had to remove the episodes I posted here to fall into line with Amazon’s policies on Kindle Unlimited books.

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When I post stories on my blog, they will remain for at least a month after completion.

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About Mark Henwick

I was born in Africa and left out in the sun too often. An early interest in philosophy and psychology was adequately exorcised by tending bars. And while trying to enroll in a class to read Science Fiction full time, I ended up taking an engineering degree which splendidly qualified me to move into marketing. That in turn spawned a late onset career in creative writing. When not working, I get high by the slightly less conventional means of a small light aircraft. My first books are available on Amazon at

13 responses to “Zara – A Name Among The Stars – SciFi Adv/Rom – Episode 18”

  1. Susan Emans says :

    Evil man. Wonderful story!

  2. sarah says :

    Loved this episode sooo much. I don’t think that hanna has anything to do with the conspiracy, but I have still no idea, who the murder could be. I hope it is not talan -her motives are a big mystery to me but it would break my heart a little bit if she has evil motives, because she is one of my most favorite character right now (I like the others too)

    • Justin Savely says :

      Talan is to tall (and awesome) to be the murder. The cliffhangers are out to get me

    • Mark Henwick says :

      I suspect one or two of you may have a very clear idea of who the murderer is. At this stage in the plot, I just have to smile and be very careful what I say. What I will say is that the identity of the murderer will be the second last major piece of the plot to become clear…


  3. Vroni says :

    Just Made my day! Thank you, your Evilness.

  4. azrm says :

    Yes, the evil cliff-hanger strikes again! This can’t be almost over…there are waaay too many loose ends.

    • Mark Henwick says :

      Some of the threads wind around each other, and you’ll get two for the price of one.

      But you’re right, I tend to think of threads and plot construction rather than actual episodes. There are a fair few scenes left.

  5. Shana Pare says :

    We may be guessing, and if too many of us guess the same thing, then of course you should change things up. At least people are not telling you that YOUR characters would not be taking the actions YOU are setting forth. I game-mastered online Dungeons & Dragons games for years. These were weekly gaming sessions that were loosely based on my plots and plans. I could guide and twist and tease, but, ultimately, it was my players who wrote what occurred next.

    What made me crazy, however, was when I would present an unique situation geared to a specific character which would hopefully give that character a chance to change and grow. Most players would go along to get along or out of curiosity, but occasionally, I would get a player who would throw down the old “My character wouldn’t do that” or “My character would have no interest in that”. Hours and hours of preparation would be down the drain.

    At any rate, I laughed at your line about the characters never do what you want them to do. You have my complete sympathies. Those silly creatures!

    I am still intrigued by the possible bunny trails you continue to lay down. I specifically like that “they” are searching for the AI now. I also think that Hanna is either an undercover cop trying to break up the conspiracy, or she has been hired by some one like Zara’s grandfather to protect her. Even if the old goat is/was a bastard!

    Carry on.

    • Michael Orton says :

      That’s pretty much what I wanted to say, but you have made a better job of it.

    • Mark Henwick says :

      I used to run a small dungeon (back in the 80s) called Castle Doomlure. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

      The old bastard goat would have done precisely that sort of thing if he had foreseen how powerful and pervasive the conspiracy was, but he underestimated them. Zara and he had very much a love/hate relationship.

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