Weekly update – Cool Hand and overall

Cool Hand is still progressing slowly, but, having now redrafted key scenes in the first 3/4 of the book, it now feels right to me. Lauren, my editor, agrees and there’s only some tidying up to do on that part. The last quarter is well fleshed out, but I decided I need to light a fire under a couple of scenes and reduce the timespan. The last major draft of the last bit is underway. It might be released in January, but on my recent performance, I’d have to say it’s likely to slip a week or so. But soon, folks, soon.

The recent releases:

The anthology is going well and has been hovering at around 10th-15th in the SF&F anthology rankings. It’s still available free from any of the authors, but you can buy it on the major platforms as well.

The audio book has also done well. Audible has sent me some free code numbers, but for the UK only. I’ve requested some for other markets, but in the meantime, if you’re in the UK and fancy a free audio copy of SoH, email me or request in the comments below. (Limited to first 5 requests, alas).

Trumpf im Armel is selling well in Germany and has re-ignited Die verborgene Hand. DvH sales are going to overtake SoH in Germany this week (i.e. German version vs English version). How significant is this? Well, let’s put it this way: German sales of all books is already half way to overhauling the UK sales, and I suspect that with the translation of Wild Card later this year, I’ll have more readers in Germany than in the UK! (USA still accounts for about 75% of all sales).

Sales generally – slight upturn. Already better than dead December. 🙂 I’ll post numbers in the month round-up.


About Mark Henwick

I was born in Africa and left out in the sun too often. An early interest in philosophy and psychology was adequately exorcised by tending bars. And while trying to enroll in a class to read Science Fiction full time, I ended up taking an engineering degree which splendidly qualified me to move into marketing. That in turn spawned a late onset career in creative writing. When not working, I get high by the slightly less conventional means of a small light aircraft. My first books are available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Henwick/e/B008SBO5YK/

10 responses to “Weekly update – Cool Hand and overall”

  1. James Drake says :

    if you still have one may i have a copy of the Audible SoH?

  2. Libro Vore says :

    On the one hand, I enjoy seeing how the sausage gets made, but on the other hand I want the frikken book! How immature is that?!?

  3. Libro Vore says :

    And I hope to God Amber finally becomes fully Athenate in this book. The suspense is killing me.

  4. Daniel Dobbelstein says :

    Well Mark,

    glad the book is coming along well, cause, well i want to read it. Also glad to hear you seem to have a good fanbase in germany, i do love your series and did advertise its translation to some people i know like the genre but are not versed enough in english, or maybe just plain too lazy, to read them in original text.
    But original is always better i always say.


  5. bretthumphrey says :

    I really enjoy your books and look forward to the next installment. I also enjoyed your story in the anthology. Do you have any plans to develop these characters in another story line?
    I am also wondering what is happening with Bian’s Tale, I don’t remember reading an update for a while.
    Thank you for you books, I enjoy reading them.

    • Mark Henwick says :

      Thanks Brett!

      When I wrote The Biting Cold, I wasn’t thinking of reusing Amanda and Scott, but there *is* a potential slot in book 5 or 6. I can’t guarantee that, though.

      Cool Hand shouldn’t be long.

      Bian’s Tale is stalled at the moment. It’s a book of five sections, and I wrote three of them and had a good skeleton for the next two. That was the state in the middle of last year. Then my editor and I looked back, and basically, I’m happy only with the first section. I will return to it, but I think I’ve got to concentrate on getting more books out in the main Bite Back series. Bian’s Tale will come.

      I hope I keep providing you books that you enjoy!

  6. Bernd says :

    Glad to see progress. Going to be fun to see how it has changed from the beta read.

  7. Bernd says :

    Still rereading that. Due to the storm for the next few days here may redo it over the next 48 hours.

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