Christmas message

I started this blog thinking about the things I left out of Wild Card, and why I left them out. But I guess I’m not ready to revisit it all yet, and work through my reasons. The one thing I did leave out that I can’t ignore is in the acknowledgements. They should give (and will, when I resubmit the text) a thank you to Susan Illene for answering some points on the US military that I raised with her. Some of you may have spotted her on the site here. She was a sergeant in Airborne, and did that crazy stuff about jumping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft. She’s also an author with her own UF titles, the Sensor series starting with Darkness Haunts. Thank you, Susan.

I’m bound to have forgotten others as well.

For those things I left out deliberately, well, one of the reasons was to get the book out by Christmas. I had originally estimated August and then October, so I felt I couldn’t miss the third deadline. And this was a good time to release a book last year.

Wild Card shows every sign of outdoing Hidden Trump. Thank you to all the readers who are buying the book. And those readers should also be saying thank you to you, the folk who email me or visit this site and say such wonderful things to me. You are my writing fuel.

What am I doing now? Very little until after Christmas. Then some planning work on Bian’s Tale and Amber’s book 4. I’ll address some specific requests made on the blog, provide a couple of those snippets of the stuff I cut out, and I’ll also respond to questions raised over the last few weeks that I haven’t had time to address. I’ll start writing again in January.

And Christmas…

Christmas is a little different here. We have no tree, but we have flashing lights. We have no turkey, but we have goose, duck and chicken. (I’m hoping for boned goose stuffed with boned duck stuffed with boned chicken like last year, but I’m afraid there’s not enough of a crowd coming round to justify it.) We also have a 20 kilo case of bananas, more oranges than the average orchard and a lovely bunch of carnations on the dinner table. I’m glad this house is a little mad, it makes it so much more interesting.

We should count our blessings and remember all those in public service who aren’t home with their families at this time. And all those who have no home or family.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy holiday and a fulfilling year in 2014.


About Mark Henwick

I was born in Africa and left out in the sun too often. An early interest in philosophy and psychology was adequately exorcised by tending bars. And while trying to enroll in a class to read Science Fiction full time, I ended up taking an engineering degree which splendidly qualified me to move into marketing. That in turn spawned a late onset career in creative writing. When not working, I get high by the slightly less conventional means of a small light aircraft. My first books are available on Amazon at

7 responses to “Christmas message”

  1. C Hoskins says :

    Happy Christmas Mark,
    Thanks for your updates and thanks for your latest book, my treat to myself! Hope this one is a success for you as it should be, I love your writing and will share this book to as wide an audience as I an!
    All the best to you and yours

  2. Jon.Gray says :

    GREAT!…but not nearly long enough. Keep up the good work…soon? I guess I’ll have to start my second read now.

  3. Bernd says :

    Enjoy your Holidays. Take a few days of down time everyone needs some of it. See you on the flip side next year. Bernd

  4. Susan Illene says :

    Ahh, Mark, thanks! I was happy to answer your questions.

    As for the “perfectly serviceable aircraft” comment. That isn’t always the case. There was one time while I was in the 82nd when we were all loaded up and flying toward the drop zone when they canceled the jump because something was wrong with the landing gear. We almost had anarchy on that plane when the word spread. To keep 120 jumpers (it was a C-141) who all had parachutes strapped on them from jumping out because of landing gear was ridiculous. Then I had to sit and watch them wind the wheels down from some side panel on the plane. If we knew how to get the doors open, we probably would have just said to heck with it and left the Airforce guys to their own devices.

    Thankfully, we survived the plane landing, but they held us there for hours afterward with all our gear still strapped to us (at least 100 pounds worth since we had our rifles and ruck sacks attached as well) hoping to fix the problem. They eventually called it off and let us go home, but it was a very long night.

    Anyway, good luck with your book. I’m looking forward to reading it and seeing how everything turned out!

  5. richard says :

    I just finished inhaling wild card, now to re-read it at a slower pace. I just couldn’t put it down and was constantly pushing to see what would happen next. great book!!!!

    My suggestion for Amber’s next story is a short novella, I think Amber needs a month relatively end of the world free, where she can sit down with her new clan/house/family and develop the house “Charter” and cement everyone’s roles in the house. that means sharing her marque with everyone who will carry it and define the roles of those who will not have the marque but will still be in-the-family; if she decides to have affiliates without marque.

    have a fantastic new year and thanks again for this installment in the story of house Farell.

    • Mark Henwick says :

      Thank you Richard. I toyed with the novella, mainly to tie up loose ends that aren’t major features going forward, but I think first I must get Bian’s Tale up and running, and after that Diana needs to be found, and then Amber’s head needs fixing… Too much to do! Enjoying it all.

  6. Richard says :

    it would be really interesting to see how each member of the house views the same event in the series. Alex, Jen, David, Pia, Tullah, Keith, Julie, the Colonel and just for spice throw in the outsider (the colonel’s wife). Diana, Skylur, and Felix are the heavy hitters and their thoughts are not for us mere mortals :-).

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